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    By previous notice the 2019 Millennium schedule as was displayed on the website was withdrawn as it was rendered irrelevant due to the fact that the education authorities have changed school holidays’ starting-, and ending, dates. It has now been corrected and will be the only schedule applicable. Socoro indemnifies itself from the effects of anyone utilizing any historic version of the schedule. Should Socoro elect to furnish future Millennium Schedules these will only be available during September of the preceding year.


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Experience Ekubo’s first ‘Green’ home

Welcome to Socoro’s first house, our ‘show house’ at Ekubo Coastal Estate.  Comprising 350 square metres this architectural gem was designed by Durban architect Jimmy Velissariou to fit onto stand 1585, one of the most densely treed stands at Ekubo.

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Ekubo Magic at Entry Level

The Socoro Group has during the past 20 years involved itself at our most exquisite sister estate, San Lameer, close by in building many Villas in the 4 bedroom- and 5 bedroom top-end-of-the-market as Sanlam Properties invariably elected at inception to concentrate on 3 bedroom and smaller entry level of units.

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Latest San Lameer Offering

All over San Lameer we have built various magnificent maximum-sized 4-, and 5 bedroom Villas – many on 3 levels and some with a lifts! With a sizable contingent of our Group members approaching retirement age we have adopted a new all-on-one-level-design approach on the prestigious new ‘Die Heuwel’ area eliminating stairwells and thereby optimizing living space most cost effectively.

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What is Co-ownership?

Co-ownership, or fractional ownership as it is sometimes called revolves around the concept of sharing the acquisition and running costs associated with a property amongst several individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this share block or sectional title?
A: No, it is co-ownership also referred to as fractional ownership where you own a one 13th share in a private company owning the property as sole unencumbered asset.

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