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Welcome to Ekubo Coastal Estate

Seventy percent of the Estate is dedicated to conservation area of rehabilitated natural bush, wetland, coastal forest and grassland where timid Blue, Grey Duiker and Bush Buck families amble through the indigenous gardens as the Crowned Eagle circles in the clear blue sky above.

Ekubo Coastal Estate has been planned to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding natural environment, the overall effect is a development in harmony with nature and a lifestyle that allows for daily interaction with bushbuck and bird life.  As a result only 222 residential stands were laid out - all of which have been sold, with only the occasional resale taking place.

The northern and southern beach gates along the front fence perimeter provide easy access to natural pathways leading onto the pristine, unspoilt golden beaches of the 1 kilometre Indian Ocean shoreline bordering the estate. Leisure Bay and Port Edward Beaches as well as the Estuary are all a short walk along the beach from the estate, giving residents on the estate accessibility to a choice of beautiful beaches from where you can enjoy the sight of schools of dolphins frolicking in the waves and where the occasional whale shark cruises lazily by.  Gazebos positioned conveniently at the southern beach access gate offer residents ablution facilities and a bench as welcome respite after an energetic walk.

Nestling amongst ancient indigenous trees and coastal grassland of varying colours is the original Manor House refurbished and remodeled into a recreation club, whilst retaining all the charm and character of yesteryear. The developers, with careful attention to detail whilst retaining the original ambience added an array of sporting facilities including a tennis court, squash court, gymnasium and large swimming pool incorporating the architectural language of the estate seamlessly with the original structure.

But there is more. The KZN South Coast is also known as the Golf Coast.  This region experiences one of the mildest winters in SA, which means that several golf courses within close proximity to Ekubo offer golfing conditions which are the envy of the rest of South Africa. Besides mild and temperate winter playing conditions with beautiful warm winter days, the Golf Coast also offers very affordable golf, making it a value-for-money destination for golfers who enjoy the finer things in life.

There are eight golf courses, some of whom are ranked in the top 100 golf courses in South Africa within an hour’s drive from Ekubo - allowing for easy access and also providing golfers with a wide variety of true golf challenges. The golf courses are:

  • Selborne Golf Estate
  • Umdoni Park Golf Club
  • Port Shepstone Country Club
  • Margate Country Club
  • Southbroom Golf Club
  • San Lameer Country Club
  • Port Edward Country Club
  • Wild Coast Sun Country Club

All the courses have modern well-appointed clubhouses where local golfers welcome visitors with traditional South African hospitality to their slice of paradise.

For more information regarding Ekubo please visit www.ekubocoastalestate.co.za

What is Co-ownership?

Co-ownership, or fractional ownership as it is sometimes called revolves around the concept of sharing the acquisition and running costs associated with a property amongst several individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this share block or sectional title?
A: No, it is co-ownership also referred to as fractional ownership where you own a one 13th share in a private company owning the property as sole unencumbered asset.

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