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Ekubo Magic at Entry Level


The Socoro Group has during the past 20 years involved itself at our most exquisite sister estate, San Lameer, close by in building many Villas in the 4 bedroom- and 5 bedroom top-end-of-the-market as Sanlam Properties invariably elected at inception to concentrate on 3 bedroom and smaller entry level of units.

As we invested in many of these we finally established 9 levels from a bachelor up on which syndication projects now come to market - always units available to be shown to new subscribers.

With San Lameer gradually moving towards the end of building activities our program at Ekubo will invariably be stepped up. We have completed our first ‘green’ house, unit 1585, and presented it to market with much fanfare impressing interested parties no end.  This strategic middle-of-our-market entry with a 4 bedroom en-suite unit, marginally bigger under roof than the largest in San Lameer is, on top of ‘green’ technology applied at quite a level, better appointed than any before built at San Lameer.

The question at Ekubo arose as to what would constitute an entry level unit. Irrespective of stands being a fraction of those at San Lameer it is not quite cost-effective to build anything smaller than a 4 bedroom unit – nowadays market preference dictation all to be en-suite. In the final instance it is all about costs, therefore we elected to start at the minimum under-roof area specified at Ekubo being 250m² for our entry level house to be built on stand 1578 a stone’s throw from all amenities. Here we can effect a total open plan configuration with magnificent sea views whilst incorporating 4 bedrooms en-suite as specified. Other features such as double garage and heated pool will be standard. Nowadays the trend is to accommodate all by having just about the whole structure wheelchair friendly - see the elevations.

Our architects have come up with a most exquisite Bali-styled entry level unit so well planned being so cost effective that a share giving 4 weeks per year prices at around the same as one of our other estate’s 3 bedroom Villas half the size and 30 years older with no sea views.

Shares giving 4 weeks a year by our Millennium 13-roster (see ‘SCHEDULES’) come to R 318,000 apiece.  A deposit of 20% secures and the balance thereafter to be handled in 5 equal monthly interest-free payments.


What is Co-ownership?

Co-ownership, or fractional ownership as it is sometimes called revolves around the concept of sharing the acquisition and running costs associated with a property amongst several individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this share block or sectional title?
A: No, it is co-ownership also referred to as fractional ownership where you own a one 13th share in a private company owning the property as sole unencumbered asset.

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