About the Group

socoro-iconFor the past thirty years the Socoro Syndicates Group has partnered with around 2,000 business and professional investors who have invested in our leisure property syndications in South Africa and abroad. This is a ‘club’ of like-minded, entrepreneurial people who have invested in title-based co-ownership, or ‘fractional ownership’, as opposed to the traditional timesharing concept.

As the only Group in the world with a 30 year successful track record in co-ownership syndication projects, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of excellent investments primarily through personal recommendations and promotion through the private networks of our investment partners.

Our flagship investment is the San Lameer Golf Estate in Kwa-Zulu Natal, in our opinion, the best, most secure and very private final destination family holiday resort in South Africa. Working with our investment partners we have acquired and syndicated 83 San Lameer properties valued at more than R 250m!

Whilst most active with our up market San Lameer portfolio we were introduced to the Ekubo Coastal Estate development – a most excellent recent initiative which we now deem to have the potential in time as serious contender in certain respects for San Lameer’s title as ‘Jewel of the South Coast’. So impressed were  many Group members that they invested substantially, effectively leading to a ‘sold out’ position of all Developer’s stands  – only resales are available now at Ekubo. Some current incumbents have even moved from San Lameer and have built permanent dwellings there. With stand prices most reasonable the possibility of effecting feasible syndication projects has already proven to be the way to go – hence our enthusiastic involvement.

In addition to Ekubo and San Lameer, the Socoro Group boasts in excess of 120 other successful syndication projects involving game farms, golf estates and upmarket apartments, locally and internationally (Spain and London). 

With a number of ‘yachties’ amongst our investment partners, we have also applied our syndication prowess to yachting! After comprehensive research, we acquired  MOJO, a 44’ Knysna 440 sailing catamaran (located in Langkawi, Malaysia), SOULMATE (cruising the Greek Islands & Turkey) a sister ship to MOJO, and then our magnificent 52’ Fairline Squadron 50 fly bridge cruiser RIVER BLUE(Greek Islands & Turkey).