Socoro Group in-house Rentals

San Lameer Villa holidays available

This in-Group service has been operational since the early 2000s at San Lameer - arguably the best final destination family holiday resort in the land. It has been effected and is being applied to enable Group subscribers to rent out high season surplus holiday slots in co-ownership leisure property as per diverse schedules applicable in the Group – thus adding value and flexibility by further exchanging surplus holiday times where possible. This service encompasses only Group properties and is not linked to the estate’s own rental services.

Proceeds from rentals are used to subsidize levies for individuals who availed their slots whilst also supplementing reserves for future upgrading programs.

Rental cash flow potential realized from these excellent investments in high season can be well put into perspective by the following example:  When the first full sized Villa 139-05 was commissioned in 1998  shares - 10% - were availed for a mere R 125,000 and thereafter in the boom years went ballistic. Interesting then to note that if only rented out twice in high season nowadays nominal capital is returned – part argument to many Group members subscribing to multiple shares.

Of late we are also considering incorporating yachts from the fleet to further enhance utility.


3 bedroom Villas:   

Coppers Creek area:  (Near all central facilities – yet walking distance to the Beach)

4 bedroom Villas:  

Coppers Creek area:  (Near all central facilities – yet walking distance to the Beach) & Die Heuwel area

5 bedroom Villas: Dennekruin area