We sailed the pristine waters of the Seychelles in this very fast Cape-to-Rio class winning yacht with full professional crew. She was acquired by us in 2008 and moored at a local marina from where we did island hopping no end.

MOJO went through an extensive refurbishment by boat builder Alan Reed during 2013 at the Richards Bay dockyard and was dispatched to Langkawi in Malaysia early 2014. She is in the very competent hands of the present crew of Nicolas Chirat and partner Chanel Griffiths. Nicolas is a Frenchman from Vannes in Brittany who grew up in Thailand and Vietnam and knows Indo China and environs well. He is a serious French rugby team supporter – aren’t they all. Chanel is a Cape Town girl with a Psychology degree, played semi professional soccer and even canoed down the Orange River.  

Arrive in style and have your family enjoying the holiday of a lifetime with our South African crew minding your every need. MOJO is fully equipped to the highest standard including safety equipment, life raft, rubber duck & outboard etc. The roomy 4 cabin, 3 head (bathroom) configuration is luxury personified – you do deserve a break at this level! Personal utilization is for two weeks every second year on a rotating schedule. The fleet is long sold out but on the odd occasion, as now,  a share may become available - officially priced at R 135,000 (€ 9,800 or £ 7,600 – exchange rate dependent). Incredible to think that the utility of a two week trip at a market related € 6,000 per week charter price comes to about R 156,000 for a 2 week stint - a trip then valued at more than the purchase price. One could actually go sailing and possibly recoup all capital – virtually sailing for ‘free’ bar running costs – a real no-brainer. No wonder the fleet is sold out – more uniqueness emanating from our Socoro Group establishing a success track record without equal anywhere in our market niche.

Sailing on MOJO IN Malaysia – By Eduard Erwee:

I’d like to give a quick report back on our time on Mojo. My wife Camilla and I spent two weeks (23rd Feb to 6 March 2015) on the yacht. We had a fantastic time. The crew was superb in making our stay an unforgettable adventure. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything was running smoothly. A special thank-you for all their efforts.

Our Journey

We opted for the Lankawi to Phuket trip as both my wife and I are avid day-skippers and enjoy as much time as we can get on the water. Due to some unfortunate issues with the crew having their passports & visas delayed because of Chinese New-year, we ended up spending the first day exploring Lankawi and going up the dual cable car to be treated to some spectacular views. It also boasts the world’s longest curved bridge between two of the peeks at the top. 

Highly recommended excursion for anyone that decides to do the same. Also, Lankawi is a tax free island, so happy shopping!!

Form there we spent two days sailing around the island. Loads to see.

On Thursday we set off for Thai waters and headed for Koh Lipe. We booked a day snorkel trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. The long-boats take you from Koh Lipe to about 6 different snorkel sights and deposits you back in the evening. See photos and videos below.

From Koh Lipe  we went via Koh Petra to Koh Liang Nua. A little secluded beach give breath-taking views of rock island rising out of the ocean. It housed a little echo resort that served some well-deserved cocktails before heading back to the yacht for some dinner.

Koh Liang Nua gave way to Koh Muk (Emerald caves). A swim through pitch black cave to the most amazing secluded little beach inside what seems to be a hollow-ed out mountain. A must if you can. TAKE A GOOD WATERPROOF TORCH ☺  -  it is DARK. The evening we spent on Koh Lanta South for some fresh seafood, followed by a relaxing drink at the Why-Not bar. We were treated to an amazing fire show that blew our minds (view videos below).

The following day, we made our way to Phi Phi island and stayed there for two days to enjoy some spectacular diving. We did 4 nature reserve dives and one wreck dive (an military vessel that sunk about a year ago). At 27 meters deep, we had clear visibility and water temperature of about 25 degrees. It was spectacular (again, video shown below). If you like your diving, this is the spot for you.
We finished off in Koh Mai Thon with our final night in Phuket. 

All and all, a really enjoyable experience, that makes be glad I am part of the Mojo project.

Eduard Erwee

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Sailing on MOJO IN Malaysia – By Derek Thomson:

If there is a person out there that has never before experienced the freedom and excitement of exploring exotic and amazing islands, and now even different countries from the comfort of their own truly ocean going yacht, then I feel that they have not yet experienced the best holiday of their lives!

Having recently had the privilege of being able to take my wife and nine year young daughter on the voyage of a lifetime during the first two weeks of July, we were concerned at first as everybody we spoke to warned us about it being monsoon season as well as low season in Thailand & Malaysia. Let me tell you that our concerns were short lived. Being low-season we had most of the islands, their private beaches and secluded coves all to ourselves most of the time. Rene loves tanning and with average temperatures being around 30 degrees C, she lay tanning in utter peace and tranquility on most beaches while my daughter and I snorkeled and played in the calm waters. At Koh-Lipe, a stunning and vibrant little island, we met a lovely Dutch lady and her 7 year young daughter who owned a stunning beach bar, literally 10 meters from the water’s edge. Our daughter befriended hers and for the two days we chose to anchor there my daughter and hers ran freely around the island as if they owned it and swam in the calm clear waters until well after sunset when we climbed back onto Mojo to relax with a cool drink. What more could we have asked for to make our perfect holiday a reality.

The added benefit of being low-season meant that all the street markets were practically open just for us and the locals gave us their undivided attention with “extra” special prices as they did not want to lose a sale. When we went to eat out as we did for lunch on most days to experience the local cuisine, the service was excellent and the selection of food was great and mostly quite affordable. Alcoholic drinks were a touch on the expensive side, so do not forget to take your maximum quota with you from duty-free in SA, then it won’t be an issue at all. Nothing nicer then cocktails and snacks onboard as sun sets over the ocean.

My two girls and I certainly spoilt ourselves and even went a bit overboard with at least two different “Thai” massages daily when the opportunity arose, which was really a treat at not even R80 for a full hour of pure pleasure.

When we cleared customs at Phuket, my daughter insisted that we immediately head to Tiger Kingdom, a sanctuary she had previously herd of and where she wanted to spend some time with her favorite animal. So we hired a Taxi for the day which is so easy to do and became real tourists. Our taxi and driver did not even cost us R500 for the entire day and he happily took us around the entire island with its many sights, then ultimately to the sanctuary which made my daughter the happiest little soul an planet earth. She will never forget the day her dream came true and she got to frolic with these amazing cats in the world’s largest Tiger sanctuary..

On our one island crossing to Phi Phi Don we sailed into some inclement weather with a couple of squalls and winds of around 35 knots (bordering gale force) which churned up the sea. My family and I were absolutely amazed at how steady and rock-solid Mojo was and at how Nicolas, our skipper handled Mojo with such extreme ease. In no time we were anchored in calm clear waters against a chain of uninhabited islands ready to explore and enjoy once more. Our days were sunny and hot with predominantly light winds and occasional quick rain showers which were quite pleasant and refreshing. At night we found the wind picked up which was nice as it broke the heat and cooled us after having been in the sun all day long, then it dropped off again in the morning.

All that can be said is that if a person has not been out there on a comfortable yacht like Mojo, then it must be said that you truly have not experienced the best holiday that money can buy! I will truly recommend it to anyone and everyone, no matter how young or old

Kind regards