HMS Bounty - a Classic Cruiser

The Socoro Group is planning the complete restoration on a one-of-a-kind classic wooden boat, the 37’ motorized cruiser HMS Bounty – currently ‘on the hard’ at Lochvaal on the Vaal River near Vanderbijlpark – only 40 minutes drive from Johannesburg. As the Group is running a fleet of sailing and cruising yachts in the Med and Thailand we consider ourselves well competent to effect such an undertaking with the aid of seasoned shipwright, Will Ferreira, master craftsman in this niche. His competence is well reflected in the American yacht restoration magazine ‘Bone Yard Boats’ (summer 2012) – extolling his restoration of ‘My Fair Lady June’.

HMS Bounty: Bounty was build in 1936 by the Fred Nicolls shipyard in Durban. During the Second World War she was commandeered by the British fleet and registered as HMS Bounty and used to ferry officers from shore to the battle- , and supply ships – hence still flying her British fleet’s Red Ensign, as currently used by the United Kingdom’s Merchant Navy and civilly registered vessels. She is the only one of this type in South Africa - reminiscent of an era of pomp and splendour. The likes of her in numbers were last seen during Thames River Pageant in 2012  commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, when a handful of sister ships cruised by.

Restoration syndicate: As a standard Socoro syndication project 18 contributing shareholders will subscribe to the project on invitation with a view to doing a full state of the art restoration whilst still retaining the classic character of the boat. To effect such will take our shipwright about 12 months.

Business application: Bounty will be run as a business at all-inclusive rates applicable at the appropriate level. She will also be availed to shareholders and Group members at special tariffs. As a most unique business tool, indeed like no other, she will be utilized by top managements from industry for special functions accommodating up to 10 VIP guests per cruise.  She should appeal no end to marketing agencies for new product launches and corporate events – her brass, chrome and gleaming wood reflecting a ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle. Our fulltime Skipper will undertake a daily cruise from our moorings near the Loch Vaal Hotel and Barrage area.  It is envisaged that leisurely cruises will have prearranged stopovers for lunch at Stonehaven on Vaal  - – or the Riverside Sun in Vanderbijlpark -‎ With none like Bounty on the continent that we know of we are of opinion that our services will be well in demand.

Subscription detail:  Considering that this will be a full restoration we are well pleased at how modest a capital outlay per share will be required – a mere R 49,500. The deposit can be settled in 3 lowly payments of R 4,900 apiece. Considering the 12 month restoration period subscribers will commit a further R 2,900 per month – indeed astounding for restoring Africana which could arguably be worth around R 2m on completion – double the restoration input. By maintaining her to the level of the rest of the Socoro fleet we could effect similar utility with Bounty and run her for decades. We are of the opinion that with expected charter income the initial capital outlay could be recouped within two years  – ideally in half the time.        

Prior to official introduction word had spread and bookings have already been made. Do join us in this most affordable and unique adventure.